40×40@40: Carol Mirakove on Heather Fuller

Carol Mirakove on perhaps this is a rescue fantasy by Heather Fuller

perhaps this is a rescue fantasy by Heather Fuller (Edge Books, 1997) taught me to read as I had never before. Taught me to read poetry, myself as a political actor, situations, crimes & the cruelty we impose upon one another.

“a child outside / too young to scream as she does”

These poems fulfill the premise of poetry: they can’t be said any other way.

Heather Fuller discovers poetry in a contextual self

“I don’t own anything / and am thus / a terminal guest”

“the man in priority seating reminds / me of violence”

citizen & valentine

“does a wish for safe / transit assume a wish for love”

“I make love in the most irrelevant places”

fiercely honest & vulnerable.

“how far into dreams would you / go before losing”

perhaps this is a rescue fantasy serves as a North Star for me: I return to it when I am lost

“I’m after / ecstasy why we write or walk”

& then resume participation.

“Do I look as if I need a taxi”

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