ELEVATE: An Urban Residency



For July-August Residency: Application deadline June 15th

For Sept -October Residency: Application deadline Aug 1

For November-December Residency: Application deadline Oct 1

ELEVATE: An Urban Residency

Small Press Traffic in partnership with Real Time and Space, invites submissions for an experimental run of its Residency Program, ELEVATE.

ELEVATE grants selected experimental writers, at any stage in their career, free studio space (no housing) in a decommissioned elevator at Real Time and Space in Oakland, CA, as well as an opportunity to perform creative and critical work. One resident will be chosen for each session.

The duration of each residency will last for two months, includes an opportunity for the resident to perform creative work and give an artist talk.  Residency candidates local to the Bay Area in California will receive a $250 stipend for the duration of the residency; out-of-town candidates will receive a $500 stipend.


Since 1974 Small Press Traffic Literary Arts Center (SPT) has been at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area innovative writing scene, bringing together readers, writers, and independent presses to engage, create, present, critique and archive their work.

Small Press Traffic’s mission is to provide a local and national platform for experimental writing, paying particular attention to underserved writers and those that identify as women, LBGTQ and/or people of color. SPT offers writers a continuum of support, from the generation to the connection to a readership both inside and beyond the experimental writing community.



Real Time and Space (RTS) is comprised of 15 work-only artist studios and an artist residency program located in a former print shop in Oakland’s Chinatown. The mission of RTS is to provide a productive and participatory workspace for its members and residents by fostering opportunities for dialog, collaboration, and cross-disciplinary interaction. Our members include a wide range of artists, writers, curators, and designers. By offering a residency program open to local, national, and international cultural producers, RTS seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas within and beyond the Bay Area artistic community. Numerous public programs such as artist talks, film screenings, and social events enhance our overall mission by supporting further opportunities for conversations to take place.


ELEVATE offers the opportunity to integrate critical and creative practices into a new set of parameters, and the potential of challenging established routines, activities and assumptions. ELEVATE asks experimental writers to question what constitutes creative space, and creative community. Successful candidates will be offered one of three two-month residencies in this initial pilot of the program in 2016.

The Objectives

The aim of this residency program is to generate a new work or body of work.  During their residency, candidates will be asked to perform their creative work at a local reading for Small Press Traffic and give either a critical talk or have a conversation with another writer/artist.

The Application

Proposals will be considered from experimental writers of any genre. Successful candidates will be notified within one week of the submission deadline.

Applicants are encouraged to propose projects that consider the notion of community, although this is not required.

The Logistics

+ The Residency will include access to studio space only. There is no housing attached to this project.

+ Residents are expected to fund their own travel to and from Oakland.

+Residents will receive a $250(local) or $500 (non-local) stipend at the beginning of their residency.

+ Residents are expected to arrive at Real Time and Space prepared to work independently on their work for the duration of the residency in whatever capacity that is possible


Please submit the following as ONE PDF in the following order, along with a $12.00 application fee:

+ one page cv if available

+ artist statement (maximum 500 words) including why ELEVATE would be useful to your current project

+ a residency proposal (maximum 500 words) including the session for which you are applying (July-Aug; Sept-Oct; Nov-Dec)

+ maximum 10 pages of relevant previous work


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