a tribute to Etel Adnan

When deeply compelled by a writer’s project, Small Press Traffic selects a Lifetime Achievement Award to a living writer of distinction.

Past recipients of this award have included Barbara Guest, Jackson MacLow, Carl Rakosi, Joanne Kyger, Robin Blaser and Beverly Dahlen.

In 2010, Lebanese-American poet, essayist, and visual artist Etel Adnan was selected to be recognized. Her project of writing and art continues to be both equally complicated and sublime. She depicts with deft and deep prowess the terrible labyrinths of political power and silence, identity and memory, and the “barely perceptible discouragements that make up day-to-day living.”

We had a live event scheduled in the Fall 2010 with Adnan, who sadly was unable to make it back to the Bay Area in time. As we didn’t want the celebration to disappear, we moved the tribute to this forum at the suggestion from then Board President, David Buuck.

Below, you will find the contributions from a variety of writers and artists who have graciously supplied their thoughts on Adnan’s work and influence.

Small Press Traffic would like to thank the enthusiastic support of Simone Fattal and Post-Apollo Press for supporting this tribute.

And to Lindsey Boldt who tirelessly and tremendously coordinated all of the submissions.

Of course, our gratitude to Etel Adnan for her vision, tenacity and brilliance. For more information about Etel and her work please visit her website.

Ammiel Alcalay

Anne Waldman

Ben Hollander

Robert Grenier

Brandon Shimoda

Cole Swensen

Csaba Polony

David Buuck

Fawwaz Traboulsi

Jen Benka

Joanne Kyger

Lynne Tillman

Megan Pruiett

Michael McClure

Nancy Peters

Roger Snell

Sharon Doubiago

Simone Fattal

Stacy Szymaszek

Stephen Motika

Steve Dickison

Thom Donovan

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