annual events

SPT Lifetime Achievement Award
When deeply compelled by a writer’s project, Small Press Traffic selects a Lifetime Achievement Award to a living writer of distinction.

Past recipients of this award have included Barbara Guest, Jackson MacLow, Carl Rakosi, Joanne Kyger, Robin Blaser and Beverly Dahlen. Initially presented annually at the Soiree, the award is now selected sporadically by the SPT Board of Directors.

The Leslie Scalapino Memorial Lecture in Innovative Poetics
The Leslie Scalapino Memorial Lecture in Innovative Poetics is an annual lecture series with a focus on critical analysis of innovative poetry, essays, plays and cross-genre work primarily by women poets. The series invites contemporary writers to present their work in the spirit exemplified by Scalapino’s own critical writing and editorial vision as publisher of O Books.

Poets Theater
Poets Theater began in 2001 in collaboration with New Langton Arts and the Jon Sims Performing Arts Center. Initially intended to be a one-time celebration of plays from the 80s and 90s, several younger poets were inspired to re-animate the tradition, and the annual SPT Poets Theater fest was born. Under the ambitious leader¬ship of Elizabeth Treadwell Jackson, and with the volun¬teer labor and enthusiasm of SPT board members such as Kevin Killian, Brent Cunningham, Stephanie Young, and many others, Small Press Traffic provided a stage for plays and performances.

Poets Theater in the Bay has deep roots in several traditions and scenes, as well-documented in the Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater (1945-85) edited by Kevin and David Brazil, and in the narratives and re-enactments of 80s and 90s Poets Theater coming out of the Language Poetry and New Narrative scenes. Each year SPT continues this tradition by providing the opportunity for poets to stage plays.


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