traffic report

In 2014, Small Press Traffic turns 40 years old. In celebration of this death-defying fact, we’ve created the year-long program of inquiry: 40×40@40.

As part of looking back and mapping what the amazing feats of the SPT community have been since 1974, we asked 40 writers to contribute one short text each celebrating—describing, anatomizing, remembering an encounter with, meditating on, shouting out to—a single book published by a small press between 1974 and 2014.

We’re interested in having writers reflect on a book that palpably shifted their perspective, startled their aesthetics, changed their life; a book they always recommend to others; a book that they would place in a time capsule. The one small-press publication that has obsessed them: cult classic—difficult pleasure—creased-cover favorite—out-of-print masterpiece…

The 40×40@40 list will, hopefully, sketch a 40-part haphazard history of independent publishing and ardent reading across these four decades.

**also special thanks to Frances Richard for helping to shepherd this project to life! —

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